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stainless steel cable railing looking round

Creating a Modern Deck Space with Glass and Cable Railing

The perfect way to compliment your exterior area is by incorporating a modern deck space. Decking can create an extra entertaining space, a place to relax, and somewhere to sit and admire the scenery. Decks are a great alternative to stone-based areas, such as patios, and can give an exterior area a chic modern renovation. Decking is also ideal for upper-level terraces, balconies, and mezzanine...
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Tips on Choosing the Best Deck Designs to Match Your Property

The exterior of a property should be as carefully considered as the interior when it comes to renovating a space. Deck design goes beyond aesthetic requirements for your property, as the style of this area can either clash with or complement your interiors. Choosing something to suit both your tastes and functional requirements is an important step before building your deck area. Another...
Ombre Stairs

14 Awesome DIY Projects for Your Stairs

If your stairs only exist to get you from point A to point B, you’re missing out on some serious fun. Stairs present a unique opportunity to add character and charm to your home. Plus, staircases are often front-and-center in architecture, making them a fantastic candidate for an interior design focal point.  Looking for some ideas on how to give your stairs a little more oomph? Look no...
Butcher Block Counter

10 Home Projects You Don't Need to Hire Out

Since home improvement projects can be a major drain on your bank account, the more you can do without hired help, the better. Foregoing professional installation saves a ton of money; money that can be used to buy high-end materials, or money just stashed away for a rainy day. But what kind of projects can you do on your own? You might be surprised to find out! Redo Your Countertops Granite,...
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6 Steps to Safer Stairs

A tumble down the stairs often ends in bumps, bruises, and injured pride — but sometimes the outcome is far more serious. No one wants to think of concussions, broken bones, or death as being a possibility every time they use the stairs, but the fact is, if we’re not careful, they certainly can be. As a homeowner, stair safety is one responsibility you don’t want to ignore. Luckily, making...
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