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Arcadia System (patent pending)

The stability and strength of the Arcadia system far surpasses any other cable or glass railings currently on the market. Featuring a clean, minimalistic styling, the Arcadia system is the safest and sturdiest for commercial and high-end residential buildings. Available in heights of 36 or 42 inches, and in either floor or side mounted options, the railings are forged in solid 1 ¾ x 5/8-inch bars while the end posts, more than double the thickness, help to sustain the pulling force of the cables. Modern, minimalistic, and requiring little effort to install, the Arcadia system is the best and most affordable choice for your home or business.

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Engineering Specs Floor Mounted Glass 36" Posts Placements

Outdoor Photoshoot - Arcadia Glass

Outdoor Photoshoot - Arcadia Cable

Virginia Round

The Virginia Round Glass Railing System gives you a perfectly sleek design. This system’s round posts and glass clamps can be used as a subtle balcony railing or with a top rail for a more bold statement. Consider pairing this system with wood interior for stunning results. Want a wooden top rail? The Virginia round system works with that too! For more inspiration, see our gallery for completed projects with or without a top rail.

Our stock post options are available in a height of either 36” or 42” with 180° middle and 90° corner posts. This system is capable of supporting 3/8” or 1/2” thick glass depending on the maximum distance between posts (1/2” = 5ft max span, 3/8” = 4ft max span). All top railings and their corresponding base covers are sold separately. 

If you have a project that you think the Virginia Round Glass Railing System is perfect for but aren’t sure about pricing, request a quote from us today!

 Engineering Specs



Press and Latch

The Press and Latch Cable System is a durable, seamless railing system for outdoor locations, such as stairs, decks, patios, stages and platforms. Robust 316 stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting cable system that is weatherproof. Reinforced with molybdenum, this type of stainless steel is resistant to natural corrosion, as well as high temperatures. A sleek, shiny surface offers an aesthetically-pleasing look, which is also easy to maintain. Heavy-duty metallic cables create a safe barrier for busy or elevated locations.

Press and Latch Mounting Options: 

  • Steel Straight Run
  • Steel Stairs
  • Wood


Press and Latch Cable Size Options: 

  • 1/8” (3.2mm)
  • 5/32”(4mm)


The unit’s innovative installation method does not require tools, resulting in up to 80% less time spent on setup or deployment (compared to similar cable systems available on the market). Floor mounting solutions cater to installations on platforms and wide spaces, which is supported by a square base at the bottom of the posts. Side mounting setups provide space-saving benefits via vertical mounting plates that support the stainless steel posts and attach to the side wall of floors or platforms.

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Glass Adapter

The Glass Adapter System anchors glass panels to the sides of your balcony, deck or other space in need of a stylish but sturdy glass guardrail solution. The system’s versatility makes it a great option for both outdoor and indoor use.

The Stainless Steel Glass Adapter safely secure glass panels to walls or walkways for an elegant touch. This system is easy to install, making it ideal for patios with views, indoor balconies and stairways, and even in private homes for a modern look.

A Glass Adaptor Tool is necessary for installing and tightening the Glass Adapters. The following slides provide visual aid for Glass Adapter placement, as well as examples of glass paneling fitted with our Redshift Quasar Handrail Bracket. If you’re interested in mounting hand railings, feel free to check out options for glass-mountable handrail brackets here.


  Instructions PDF

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Seattle Bar

With less offset from the post, one integral piece instead of two detachable components, adjustable flush angles, and rounded edges more coherent with the edge roundness of our square posts, the new-and- improved Seattle Bar Fascia System's bar holders are slimmer, sleeker, and safer than ever.

Edges are smoother to match the radius on our square tubing and a new insert allows for easier installation against wood surfaces. The Seattle Bar Fascia System is available in floor- and side- mounting in 36” and 42” height kits, ready to ship now, with custom fabrication free-of-charge. Components include one bar holder, 4 x M5 screws, and one mounting ring.

 Download PDF Engineering Specifications

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Stainless Steel Spigot Glass Railing System

>> Example from our client's gallery <<

(U.S Design Patent No. D806,266) 

The Stainless Steel Spigot Glass Railing System is a high-strength, transparent barrier for use in indoor and outdoor locations. Up to ½” thick glass ensures a durable panel, which provides clear views of landscapes, surrounding environments and ongoing activities. The glass panels are supported by pyramid-style, stainless steel clamps with square bases (two clamps per panel). Stainless steel horizontal railings offer guidance and add an extra layer of safety during busy events, gatherings or ongoing business operations.

This corrosion-resistant model takes on 316 stainless steel construction with a satin/brush finish, which provides weatherproof marine-grade protection against outdoor elements. The unit is recommended for the following: rooftop patios, balconies, pathways, public locations, offices, commercial buildings, stairways, galleries, transparent fencing, walkways and more.

The Stainless Steel Spigot Square Pyramid Glass Railing System is manufactured using a proprietary patent-pending design. The pyramid-style foundations contain mounting holes at each corner of the plate and are secured directly on the floor during installation. For best results, please refer to the manufacturer documents and installation video. 

*Mounting hardware components are not supplied by Inline Design.

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 Glass Panel Dimensions

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Chicago Square

Made of square posts and square glass clamps the Chicago Square Glass Railing System is popular for its airy, industrial appearance.

Customers have the option of purchasing posts with brackets to support the handrails, stocked in 36" and 42" heights. We also offer custom fabrication to fit any space. Our glass systems are suitable for glass thicknesses of 1/2" or 3/8".

For an example of posts with and without a top rail, see Chris' home in Alberta, Canada. Additionally , Mark's rooftop deck in Washington state, displays how our Chicago Square System can easily enhance any outdoor space.

If you're interested in getting price quotes for any of our systems, please fill out our Request for Quote Form, and send it to

 Engineering Specs