Our handrail brackets are versatile for use in almost any home remodel, the perfect update to refresh your space.  Whether you are using our stainless steel tubing or a locally sourced handrail, we offer several options for round and square handrails on a variety of surfaces.

Mounted brackets should be installed with a max of 5′ between them.  Some of our brackets, like the Event Horizon, can only be mounted to a wall, but others have the versatility to be mounted to a wall, glass, or round/square posts.  When searching for a wall bracket for your project, make sure you review the product detail pages, some brackets, like the Luminous Quasar, come with a saddle adapter to support a round top rail, even if the first photo in the description shows a flat saddle!

Review our installation instruction PDF or YouTube video to understand installation procedures.  We include the corresponding installation for your order, every time.

Other items to consider with this purchase: a wall bracket screw/hanger bolt; square or round tube, and our various end cap and wall return options.