The Miami Round Cable Railing System is made of round posts, swageless cable tensioners and swageless cable terminals.

The complete look has been described with an infinite range of adjectives…modern, sleek, industrial, minimalist.  This is one of our most popular systems for a reason; it is suitable for almost every application.

One of our favorite installations of this project was on Donnie’s houseboat in our local Seattle area, the installer even fabricated swinging gates on-site.  Thomas‘ Pennsylvania home called for a luxurious design using our top mounted stair posts.  Leila’s awesome backyard deck and front step entry got a makeover and update using our top mount and fascia mount posts.


We stock the Miami system with 36″ and 42″ posts of both floor mount and fascia posts.  The maximum recommended distance between 36″ posts is 5′ and is 4′ between 42″ posts.  We can custom fabricate posts to the height you desire for your project.

The Miami cable railing system is an ideal solution for projects with stairs or angled walkways. The cable fittings are attached to eyebolts that are threaded into the posts. This allows the cable and fitting to pivot on the eyebolt in order to meet the angle of the stairs or walkway. Custom options are available.  Complete Engineering Specifications are downloadable here.