Our Seattle Bar system was given a makeover! This is the 2.0 version, and we think it’s better than ever.

Rather than being true square bar, each horizontal steel bar that spans posts is a rectangle shape, 9/16″ x 3/16″ (15 x 5mm) and come in 8.2 foot lengths.  These bars are sturdy and sleek, without looking bulky.

There are two post kit options: 36″ and 42″ Stainless Steel Railing Systems Square Bar.  These are only available in top mount square options.  36″ posts are fabricated to require 7 spans of horizontal bars between each post, and 42″ posts are fabricated to require 9 spans between each post.  Each of these posts can be used as an end or middle post, although we also have 36″ and 42″ fabricated corner posts.

Do you like the look but want to mount to pre-existing posts?  We offer our Stainless Steel Bar Holder Square separately.  Check out this incredible installation of the system using wooden posts here.  

The Seattle Bar system commands a rustic elegance.  It’s bold and here to stay!

 Engineering Specs