The Miami Round Cable Railing System is comprised of round posts, swageless cable tensioners and swageless cable terminals.  Cable and base covers are purchased separately.  Inline Design stock posts for the Miami Round Cable Railing system are 36″ and 42″ posts.  The maximum distance between 36″ posts is 5 feet, where it is 4 feet for 42″ posts. We do offer custom fabrication for posts in this system, at no additional cost.

The Miami Round system is one of our most popular.  It suits almost every project and is an ideal solution for projects with stairs and angled walkways.  The cable fittings attach to eyebolts that are threaded into the posts, allowing cable and fitting to pivot on the eyebolt ignored to meet the angle of stairs and walkways.

Leila’s front walkway uses our Miami Round cable railing on long and low cement stairs and Thomas in PA sought a luxurious system for his modern staircase.  Cable railing systems require a top rail, but don’t feel limited: it’s always an option to combine these round posts with square tube, or locally sourced wooden handrails!

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