It was worth the wait!  Our proprietary fascia system is a welcome addition to the Inline Design product offerings.   The side mounted Miami Round Cable Railing System is comprised of round postsswageless cable tensioners and swageless cable terminals with a side mounting plate for wood, concrete, and steel structures.  Fascia posts are a great option to maximize square footage on decks, stairways, walkways and surfaces where space is at a premium.  Consider this option for your next high-end project or remodel.

The mount plate is sturdy and sleek, and uses 12 gauge stainless steel with minimal offsetting from the wall for greater stability.  The plate is 5 1/2″ (h) x 3 5/8″ (w) x 3/8″ (thickness).  Stock posts offerings come in 36″ and 42″ heights, measuring from the top of the mounting plate to the top of the handrail.  Handrailcomponents must be purchased separately.  Per our Engineering Specifications, 36″ posts should be installed at a maximum 5 foot span, where 42″ posts must be installed at a maximum 4 foot span.

Donnie’s houseboat project features the Miami Round fascia system on the extensive deck space – seemingly bigger due to the posts!  Check out the custom gate that was fabricated from our materials on-site.  A landing in Olivieri’s home looks incredible by way of these side mounted posts.

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