The San Francisco Square Cable Railing System is one of our most attractive looks.  These cable fittings are through bolted into the posts transition seamlessly from cable to post, minimizing obstruction and maximizing flow.  However, this system can only be mounted on a flat surface: it is not suitable for stairs! This system consists of square posts, cable tensioners, and cable enders.  Handrail tubes, cable, and base covers must also be purchased to complete the system.  If you choose to use a wooden top rail, you must source that from a local vendor.

All Inline Design posts are offered at our standard 36″ and 42″ heights.  42″ posts may be installed no more than 4 feet away from each other.  We recommend installing 36″ posts 5 feet apart.  We can custom fabricate posts to additional heights to suit your project.

Jouni’s project merges both styles of cable fittings, the San Francisco Square cable system runs along the deck landings.  Vartanov’s California home features a combination of options, using the San Francisco Square system with a round tube for top rail.

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