The Glass Adapter System anchors glass panels to the sides of your balcony, deck or other space in need of a stylish but sturdy glass guardrail solution. The system’s versatility makes it a great option for both outdoor and indoor use.

The Stainless Steel Glass Adapter safely secure glass panels to walls or walkways for an elegant touch. This system is easy to install, making it ideal for patios with views, indoor balconies and stairways, and even in private homes for a modern look.

A Glass Adaptor Tool is necessary for installing and tightening the Glass Adapters. The following slides provide visual aid for Glass Adapter placement, as well as examples of glass paneling fitted with our Redshift Quasar Handrail Bracket. If you’re interested in mounting hand railings, feel free to check out options for glass-mountable handrail brackets here.


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